21 Jan 2020 
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 LFMTE Script (13)

 Where are my bonuses
 If you log in to your members area there is a link at the top of the page that links to the bonuses "OTO bonuses" as an upgraded member you get not only free gifts to give away on your squeeze pages but real products to link to for w
 Do you have an affiliate program
 Yes sir If you register as a member to ISPG you will automatically get an affiliate ID
 LFMVM Credit Refunds
 James, To set up Credit Refunds you do this in the Membership Account Levels. Click on the Pencil and you will see it in the form. If you want to give 50% back you would enter 0.50, if you wanted to give 25% you would enter 0.25. Ho
 Suspended Due to Surf Accuracy
 Your account was suspended due to your clicking accuracy. Please be more careful when surfing and make sure your not getting a "Wrong Image Clicked" message on the surfbar after clicking the image. If you are please make sure your browser zoom is set t
 Porky Points Sign Up
 Owners signup for Porky Points from inside their LFMTE account. Surfers are e-mailed a form to signup for Porky Points after one of the owners have given them some points.
 Intellibanners Cant Change % Assign
 If you have more than 10 banners in one campaign it will stay stuck. Josh intends to allow 50 banners per campaign eventually but he has to re-program the site to do that and I dont know when he will get that done for sure. In all honesty if you have t
 Commish Payout Traffic Exchanges
 Casg out Minimum is set to $10.00 for the Traffic Exchanges. You must have your Paypal Email Address in your profile in order to get paid. All of our sites Payout using Paypal Monthly between the 10th and 20th. If you see that your commissions show
 Problem with Login Access
  Your login information is what you created when you created your account. If you can not remember what it is just use the "Lost Password" Link under the Login Form at Any of our Sites or Scripts to have a New Password Sent to you. Note- No One can E
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