21 Jan 2020 
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 Signups and downlines
 Haha dont be surprised AKH works :) Ok the stats you see there ezine signups, thats how many hve subscribed to your list generated signups id actually how many of your own subs who then went on to subscribe to other ez
 Using the java script code as an alternative to the redirect link in the AKH list builder
 using the jscript on your own thank you page is sufficient, it was designed so you can put your own thank you page url in as your autoresponder redirect. And keep the look and feel for your subscribers of being on your site
 Credits Gone from Account
 Hi Thomas, You just explained to me what happened, without even knowing that you did. I am betting that I did the monthly credit purge and, because you did not have a URL in place, the credits were deleted. I believe you will
 Guaranteed Referrals for Advertising KnowHow
 The requirement is 50 page views for five days of a calendar week - Sunday @ 12 a.m. to Saturday @ 11:59 p.m. If you are successful, you will receive an email for that as long as Mr. Puddy has that feature turned on. If he feels that there are not enough
 How do I earn random refferals
 you get a random referral added to your account if you surf 50 sites a day for 5 out 7 days in a week
 Suspended Due to Surf Accuracy
 Your account was suspended due to your clicking accuracy. Please be more careful when surfing and make sure your not getting a "Wrong Image Clicked" message on the surfbar after clicking the image. If you are please make sure your browser zoom is set t
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