21 Jan 2020 
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 LFM SCRIPT SUPPORT POLICIES 1. 3rd party mods- If you have had 3rd party mods installed on your script our staff will look at your script to determine if the 3rd party mod is the cause of any script issues you may be experiencing. * Should we determ
 Monthly Credits
 Credits are given in two ways. 1. Via the sales package which is applied every time a payment comes through. This is not typically the way you should apply credits for upgrades. 2. Via the member level. You can specify the credits a member will
 LFM/LFMTE/LFMVM YouTube Training Videos
 You can find Helpful Training Videos for all the LFM Scripts On YouTube. We have a Channel for each of the scripts LFM, LFMTE and LFMVM The videos will give you a step by step process of how to use each aspect of the admin area as well as all the mods.
 Facebook Group Links
 Here are the links for our 2 FaceBook Groups. Also just so you know you do NOT need a camera to use skype, it works the same as the other messengers do you can text/chat with other people on skype same as yahoo messenger MSN Live etc. You j
 LFMVTE/LFMVM Compatable Mods
 The only ones that were specifically designed for both scripts are Porky Points and IPN Bonuses. the IPN Bonuses is the only mod that can be purchased once at either lfmte or lfmvm and the same plugin can be installed on both scripts.
 Mods & License Sales/Transfers
 We want to clarify plugin purchases, sites sales and transfers. We just want to make sure owners of LFM/LFMTE/LFMVM Scripts understand how it works. When you purchase a license, build a site then purchase plugins, install them and then later on decide
 LFMVM Invalid Link Click User
  Make sure their Browser Zoom Setting is set to 100% it can not be zoomed in or out. Clear browsing History and Cache. The browsers we officially test and support are: Internet Explorer 9 and higher, Firefox, Chrome, a
 Geniux #CLICKLINK# Macro
 Hi When you put the #CLICKLINK# in the email message are you also put a URL in the top portion where it says "Redirect URL" usually your login URL goes there if its an email for a promo or whatever. IF you send out emails to promote other sites you can
 Surfbar- Changing Text Colors
 How to Change your Surfbar Text Colors First you have to go into your cpanel. Scroll Down till you find the file surfbarColors.php Click the Blue PHP on the Left hand side of the screen Then on the Right hand side at the tip click Edit File With Code
 Suspended Due to Surf Accuracy
 Your account was suspended due to your clicking accuracy. Please be more careful when surfing and make sure your not getting a "Wrong Image Clicked" message on the surfbar after clicking the image. If you are please make sure your browser zoom is set t
 Lost Admin Password
 The procedure is the same for LFM, LFMTE, and the LFMVM scripts. The admin password is encrypted so there isn't any way to retrieve it, but, it can be changed by using phpMyAdmin. Access phpMyAdmin, if using cPanel, you would log into cPanel, go to
 Commission Payouts
 Commissions are automatically paid out each month between the 10th and 20th of the month if they meet the following criteria: 1. Your PayPal email address was provided 2. Commissions were earned 60 or more days ago 3. Those commissions meet
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