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 Hiow Do I Cancel a Subscription?
Solution To cancel an existing subscription payment, please open your PayPal account and look for the last transaction charged to you. Payments to our company will be labeled "LFM Wealth Systems", and have the email address "payments at lfmwealthsystems.com". Beside the transaction, you will see a blue link labeled "Details".

Click on that and look at the top of the "chart" that opens to find the link for the originating subscription that you created to automatically have the charge deducted from your account.

Click on that link and open it.

Once the page opens, scroll down slightly to see the "radio button" labeled "Cancel Subscription". Before you click on that, be sure that what you are cancelling is actually the subscription you wish to cancel. If you have any questions concerning this, then please submit a ticket for support help.

If you are sure this is the subscription you wish to cancel, then go ahead and click on the radio button. The PayPal script will then cancel the automated payment.

Please note that once a subscription is canceled, it cannot be reactivated. If you wish to have your payment automated again, it will be necessary for you to create a new subscription for our services/goods.

Once a special subscription offer has been canceled we cannot guarantee that you will receive the same offer again, nor can we give you a "special link" so that you can get the same price again. So please consider carefully before you cancel a subscription.

Cancelling a subscription does NOT automatically generate a refund. If you also want a refund, you must put in a support ticket under the correct "department" in our support ticket system in order for us to be able to address this for you. Refund requests take from 24 - 48 hours to be processed, so please do not submit a dispute with PayPal until you have allowed us time to handle this for you.

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