21 Jan 2020 
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 Signups and downlines
Solution Haha dont be surprised AKH works :)

Ok the stats you see there
ezine signups, thats how many hve subscribed to your list
generated signups id actually how many of your own subs
who then went on to subscribe to other ezines.

the downline figure is the number of people who signed up
to AKH from your link, that can happen 2 ways

1. when you send your subscribers to the AKH thankyou page
and the subscribe to other ezines, they are then taken to
a page which invites them to join AKH from your link.

2. If you are a pro member, and if you have a monthly subscription
you are probaably a pro member, you get signups from me. any
new people I bring in are automatically assigned to the pro
and partner members.

Incidentally if those members i sign up for you buy credits or
upgrade you get the commission too.

You can see your downline by clicking on the private message system
link in the left hand navigation panel when you log in. I probably
should label that better


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