21 Jan 2020 
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 Mods & License Sales/Transfers
Solution We want to clarify plugin purchases, sites sales and transfers. We just want to make sure owners of LFM/LFMTE/LFMVM Scripts understand how it works.

When you purchase a license, build a site then purchase plugins, install them and then later on decide to sell that site. If you have multiple sites and intend to continue using the plugins you purchased on a site or sites you are not selling you must inform your buyer.

It needs to be made clear that we will not give new owners free copies of plugins they have not purchased themselves.

In other words when you sell a sites/license it is up to you if you sell the plugins with it. IF you do sell the plugins with it then you have to notify us that the plugins are being transferred along with that license. You can not Sell the plugins and Keep them as well.

Plugin purchases are Per Buyer. This means when you buy a Plugin it is Licensed to you and sites/domains Owned by you and you only. You can sell plugins with a script however, that will mean you will loose those plugins and transfer them to the new owner, in other words you will need to purchase them again.

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